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Recognizing whether it is an trademark indonesia and its benefits in business

What is the trademark Indonesia? The word branding begins with the word brand, in Indonesian it means brand. In daily use, the words brand and branding have different meanings.

The word brand means brand, while the understanding of branding is the various types of communication activities carried out by a company with the aim of creating and enlarging a brand so that it is better known to citizens.

Meanwhile, if we see the understanding of trademark Indonesias according to some experts as follows:

1. Kotler (2009)

According to Kotler, the understanding of branding is the giving of names, meanings, signals, symbols, designs, or a combination of all of them, which are made with a direction to identify goods or services or sales lines and to compare the goods or services of competitors.

2.Landa (2006)

According to Landa, the understanding of branding is not limited to a brand or trade name of a product, service or company.

But all that is associated with some gauze from one brand; starting from the trade name, symbols, visual characteristics, image, integrity, character, impressions, understandings, and assumptions that are in the minds of the company's customers.

Meanwhile, according to Wikipedia, the understanding of branding is the process of creating or inheriting specific footprint signals in the minds and hearts of customers through various steps that impact the customer's life.

Several elements of branding

After we understand what branding is, then we need to know what some of the important elements are in branding.

Some of the elements of branding are:

- Brand name or brand

- Symbols (type symbols, monograms, flags)

- Visual appearance (product design, package design, uniform design, and some styles)

- Spokesman (co-founder, mascot, company figure, popular person)

- Sound (thematic song, sound / tone icon)

- Sentences (jargon, tagline, jingle, acronym).

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